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Wanted Design @ NYC Design Week

Wanted Design @ NYC Design Week

Last week, the race was on and the global design crowd descended upon New York for the nation’s most important design happenings. Among them is Wanted Design , a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community at large throughout the year. Founded in New York City in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has established itself as a constant and staunch supporter of U.S. and international design via events, conversations, and partners and its yearly programming aims to nurture New York City’s design dialogue. Here are my picks of the 2015 Wanted Design edition among well established and emerging designers. My Palme d'Or goes to the Wake Up Dear pendant light.


ODO is intricately woven pendant light consisting of a baltic birch plywood frame and bonded nylon thread. Multiple patterns of light and shadow created through different weavings by Wake Up Dear.


Sergio Mannino Studio, in partnership with American Designer Thomas Lehman with his studio in Milan, presented their newest collaboration “Inside-out” produced by T.Alongi in Montreal. This furniture series plays with the ready made language of Italian maestro Enzo Mari, beginning with rough and slightly primitive construction opening to reveal a gemlike surprise of intense color applied to the highly refined interiors.

DesignLaboratoire _pic1

The table BIAO by Sophie Hones is designed with a clean, restful aesthetic to calm and soothe. It’s design was inspired by the principles of Chinese calligraphy. The linear forms of the table top create a gentle tension, where no two angles are the same. The combination of this tension with the simple, elegant form gives the piece a renewing sense of energy by Design Laboratoire.


 “In traveling throughout the country, I’ve always been inspired by how different inflections and accents can bring such diversity, especially to things considered classics. While there are elements of all my designs that pay homage to my roots, many of my pieces play with colors and textures to pair unique perspectives with classic, mid-century balance.” Jory Brigham Design

zipperer studio 2015 collection low rez

Zipperer’s current collection is inspired by recent trips to China, where he observed factory workers throwing together whatever they needed – work benches, scaffolding – with the materials on hand. There is no design considered besides solving a problem the quickest way possible. They are just beautifully made objects that people have created to make their lives a little easier. It is this sort of basic functionality Zipperer had in mind when designing his collection.


HALO by Kjartan Oskarsson is designed to create a new and interesting link between the lamp and its user. There are no visible controls such as dimmer or a switch but instead they are integrated into the lamp itself. This means that in order to adjust the lamp, one must touch it to turn it on or off, or to increase or reduce the amount of light. Halo lamps is handmade and is available in white OAK or Poplar (Populus)

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