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Dream Hotel

Dream Hotel

The Dream hotel is indeed a dream for design lovers.  Located in the meatpacking district of NYC, it shines under the city sun in its stainless steel armure. It is the result of a conversion operation carried out by American office Handel Architects. The project involves the conversion of a building erected in 1966.

The façade was clad with stainless steel tiles connected to one another like the original mosaic tiles of Ledner's building but interrupted by potholes. Handel Architects were also responsible for designing the interior, furnishing and finishing that were designed to reproduce the external layout of the hotel with a replication of circular shapes and openings.  As a result, the "dot pattern" can be seen throughout the building, even in the swimming pool floor. The glass bottom pool, dotted with portholes of its own, allows guests in the lobby glimpses through the water to the outside (and vice versa), and connects the spaces in an ethereal way. Light wells framed in teak between the lobby, pool and lower levels allow the guest to be transported between spaces.

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