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The Socialite Family

The Socialite Family

The Socialite Family offers a new perspective on home design and the lifestyle of contemporary families. Whether in Paris, London, New York or Milan, these families all share their unique vision on how to harmonize family life and interior design.                

After working as a reporter on children fashion then as an art buyer in advertising, Constance Gennari launched a blog to share her passion with us: approaching interior design not through the eyes of one person but through the unique world of families. Probably because she is genuinely enthralled, inspired and continuously curious about contemporary families. She aspires to fuel your imagination with her own interpretation of the interior atmosphere created by each family she meets, from Paris, New York to Milan … or elsewhere in the world.

What I like about Constance's blog is that you get to see real homes with real people in it.  Not just interiors for magazines. Through the photos you can feel how genuine these interios are.  La cerise sur le gateau is that the blog also gives you advices on how to recreate these atmospheres and where to get some key pieces.

Here is a look at my favorites from The Socialite Family blog. Take a sneak peek

Alice and Paul-Charles Ricard, Violette 5 years old and Maxime 6 months

Julia Rouzaud et Julien, <br /> Manon 7 <br /> et Léon 3 months

Pierre Emmanuel Risch <br />and Carole Marchal,<br /> Pia 2 years old

Tracy<br /> Francelet-Bouchard<br /> et Jean-Philippe Bouchard, Léonie 7 ans<br /> et Aimée 4 ans  Miriam Gassman<br /> et Sylvain, Solal<br /> 2 ans

Miriam Gassman<br /> et Sylvain, Solal<br /> 2 ans

Timothée Cagniard<br /> et Elsa de la Monneraye

Hélène et Gaël Duval, Vadim et Nataniel

Hélène et Gaël Duval, Vadim et Nataniel  Hélène et Gaël Duval, Vadim et Nataniel

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