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Vertical Green

Vertical Green

Vertical gardens have been blooming all over city walls, making them a trend that we want to see in our home as well.  A corner of green is the dream of most people living in the city, where green and space are rare.                                 

Partrick Blanc is a French botanist that invented the concept of vegetal walls.  His work can been seen across the globe on major monuments, such as the Quai Branly museum in Paris.  The 650-foot-long and 40-foot high Musée du quai Branly greenwall is one of Blanc's most famous vertical gardens, and one of the most highly photographed in the world.


Blanc also did his magic on the Caixa Forum in Madrid

Photos © Patrick Blanc

Take a small tour on how it is done with this time lapse video of the making of the largest green wall in North America. 

Jean Nouvel even integrated a design for a vegetal wall in the architecture itself of his Nicosia, Cyprus building.


Photos  © Soel d

So green walls are the rage and they have slowly been crawling and growing into our homes.  They can define a space or act as art work.  It is like landscaping indoor, to get such vertically green interiors:

Photos © natural living mag

House Vision 2013 Exhibition in Tokyo - #bathroom #greenwall

Photos © arch daily

hotel reception lobby interior design green vertical wall rug timber yellow blue

Photos © home edit

More plant-based designs in a restaurant. Is your restaurant doing something similar?

Photos © restaurant & bar awards

With such a growing trend, it is now rather easy to find living wall solutions for your home.  A green hand is still needed though to keep it picture beautiful.  One of my favorite green wall solution was designed by French designer Benjamin Pawlika. He  created “Deltaflore“, a green wall with unique, atypical forms. The system is represented by triangular concrete bricks that can combine in different positions. Able to create entire walls or small screens, the concrete modules integrate both inside and outside. Irrigated, plants will thrive in openings reserved for them, thus creating games of light and shadow with the elements and providing a poetic atmosphere. 

Photos  © Benjamin Pawlica








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