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To Tie-Dye For

To Tie-Dye For

To tie-dye your home is an alternative way to add color to a minimalist home without it being too much.  It can be a splash of color that fades away subtly into a minimal white, but yet does the job of brightening your home.   

I already set my eyes and mind on the Designer Guild wallpaper Saraille collection. I can say that I am in love with all the colors and that I could easily over do it.

Photos © Designer Guild

Now you can also leave your walls a plain neutral color and tie-dye your furniture to add colors to your interior.  I also have a brand in mind when it comes to tie-dye patterns on fabric or even plastic furniture.  The Italian brand Moroso has been working with two designers offering such pieces.

From a piece of seashell, which has been broken and smoothed by the waves, Patricia Urquiola has designed the Fjord chair for Moroso. As the name suggests, there is a strong Scandinavian influence with references to Arne Jacobsen and the inlets of northern coastlines represented in the long cut-away. Its broken form and abstract concept together become an object of design.  The tie-dye finish is in my opinion the best version of this several declination chair.




Photos © Moroso

Blur is a study of invisibility by designer Marc Thorpe for Moroso. Through the material suggestion of disappearance the Blur Sofa questions its objectivity, scale and the relationship between figure and ground. The Blur achieves this tactic of invisibility through its utilization of a new technique of fabric knitting. Produced by Innofa in Holland, the manufacturer knits layers of material to produce the fabric at various intervals creating a unique integrated gradient pattern and thus a suggestion of dissolving, fading or blurring.

Photos © Core 77




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