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UdA Architetti ! I fell in love with their work. It cannot be compared to any other interior designer or architect style.  It is unique, it is sophisticated with a quick dose of fun, it has some geometric trend and it is a whole interior philosophy. This is definitely not the last tour of their interiors I will be taking you through. I feel some emotions by just looking at the images, so I cannot help thinking how it must feel to actually be and live in that space.  I literally applause and envy their work.

I virtually entered this apartment through the kitchen which was what caught my attention at first. Then I wondered trough this place by mean of the images and each room got me very excited: the set up, the materials, the colors and the furniture.  This 40 SQM Turin flat is a plain rectangular, long and narrow layout, which UdA designers Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa managed to turn into several areas all integrated within another.  Each room is given an additional dimension thanks to built in geometric structures breaking all the rigid square angles of the original overall structure.  The mix of different materials such as wood, corian and marble within each room, also gives some outward direction to the plain and somewhat flat original box.

The project is called MATRYOSHKA. The designers' approach to this space and it's functionality/beauty is very philosophical and worth reading.  In the meantime, let me take you for a tour.












Photos © UdA Architetti

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