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Nordic Poetry

Nordic Poetry

Nordic European countries definitely have the design vibe.  My latest encounter is with Vera & Kyte, two Norwegian designers who marry poetry and design with an amazing grace.

The veil buffet is a perfect example of this marriage.  The silk veiled front is what gives this sideboard its distinctive and delicate nature. This untraditional front provides a soft, cool touch to the skin as you lift the veil to reveal the treasures behind. The subtle swaying of the silk with movements in the air renders the sideboard a more living and organic character. The delicate silk is framed by a solid ash cabinet.


The Prop Up armchair and footstool are inspired by the ease of reclining in a garden chair with nothing but spare time...

Whisky and Water is a duo that complement each other. With their individual shapes one glass is simply elegant and the other slightly odd. When stacked together they combine to create a sculptural feature for your table. It is the dynamic and the balance between them that makes this duo interesting.

The Topiary lamps are simplicity in form and function. A stand, bulb and rotating reflector assemble to provide direct and indirect light. Their clean cut precision gives them a papery almost two dimentional character. When  placed together they create a poetic landscape of light reflecting upon our percetpion of depth and space.

Photos © Vera & Kyte


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