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The Copper Hint Table

The Copper Hint Table

The copper hint table is the first piece from "My Home" collection. The story of this table and this collection started with moving in a new house.  I began imagining and designing furniture that would turn this empty house into MY house.  I wanted the objects in that collection to represent my vision for giving this space an identity and reflect the personality of the people living in it.  This was not only a move into a new house, but also a move from New York to Cyprus. I had a true desire to explore the possibilities to have local artists and craftsmen give life to my designs.  And so began this new adventure that I want to share on this blog and it starts with the copper table.



The copper table is still a work in progress....It began with the idea of contrasting the rather large size of this table with "unbearable lightness" which was the first name I gave this table. By working and exchanging with the different parties involved in the making of this table, we managed to reach the unbearable lightness desired. I then took it one step further by adding a third element "copper", which would cover only one leg of the table.  By doing so, I wanted to create a hint of disturbance in the perfect light equilibrium of the table.

"Unbearable lightness" was reached by using ceramic instead of marble as originally planned for the table top. Neolith became a natural choice as it offers strength and lightness.  Neolith is a porcelain material entirely made up of natural materials like clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides. It allowed me to have a super slim table top of 12mm emphasized by its large surface (210 cm x 105 cm).  The table is customizable and will be offered in other sizes as well as with other "hint" finishes for the isolated leg.

The legs are made of solid white oak with and outside inclination for extra support.



At this stage of the project, we are working on finalizing the copper leg in order to have a very smooth, sleek, shiny finish to contrast with the matte, natural look of the three other solid oak legs. The original plan was to use natural copper to wrap around one of the legs, but so far that did not yield the expected finish. We are now in the process of looking into using mirrored, chromed vinyl like used on cars.

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