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Perfect Equilibrium

Perfect Equilibrium

The "Perfect Equilibrium Buffet" is the second piece from My Home collection.  I wanted the objects in that collection to represent my vision for giving this space an identity and reflect the personality of the people living in it.

The starting points for designing this buffet were lightness and movement.  In general, I find buffets to be very heavy structures. So I had the idea that if I could add movement to the design, it would enhance the lightness I also wanted to give to my design.

Movement was created by breaking the linearity of the buffet with a tilted element and also by breaking the buffet into 2 pieces.  The main part of the buffet is sitting on four legs, designed in line with the legs of the Unbearable Lightness Table , which is also part of My Home collection. The other part of the buffet is wall hanging and separated by a small gap from the main structure.  Movement is therefore achieved by the impression of a falling element and the disconnection of another element.

The materials used for the completion of the buffet were chosen so that they would be in harmony with the Unbearable Lightness Table. The same white oak wood and neolith ceramic were used, only the proportions were inversed. A dominating neolith for the table and a dominating wood for the buffet.

The perfect equilibrium of elements and materials brought the desired lightness and movement to my buffet. 

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