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13 Thorigny, 75003 Paris

13 Thorigny, 75003 Paris

This is the first home interview for the Soel d blog.  I am lucky enough to be able to start with an apartment located in a beautiful neighborhood of Paris. Yves' apartment in Le Marais is the result of years of conversion and home styling giving it its own identity.

Yves is a real estate agent, design lover who spends a lot of his free time decorating and travelling. I asked him to go through a small Soel d tour interview in order to understand and appreciate the story behind his home


Name: Yves. B

Occupation: Real Estate Agent in the Paris Area

Where do you live? In the heart of Paris, on the north side of Le Marais

How long have you lived there? 15 years

Can you tell us about the before/after of this place? Hum it was a very classic, almost "bourgeois" apartment that did not match at all the red brick loft style of the building exterior facade.  After I moved in, everything inside was turned into a white, very minimal space, which over the years got a bit of color and style mix


In 3 1/2 words, how would you describe that space? Urban, comfortable and mix&match


What is your next design project or purchase? A Frank leather sofa by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia. Pure lines and comfort


Your design addresses online or not: for their wide choice, the Silvera shops in Paris, and pretty much all of Antonio Citterio's designs


A big deco NO NO!!! Nothing much as long as there is a style behind.  Ah yes, maybe the full dark oak kitchen with moldings! especially in the city


Thank you Yves

Sophie @ Soel d          

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