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The Split House

The Split House

The split house project was all about visibility. The key elements of this Cyprus residence are concrete and glass, organized in a way to create uninterrupted views of the space both at horizontal and vertical levels. This was rendered possible by following the natural inclination of the land.



Photos © Christos Panayides for Omass Architecture

The exciting and challenging part of this interior design project was to bring in and layout elements in such a way that they were harmonious from the many different perspectives they could be seen from.  In addition, I was very conscious to organize and limit the furniture so that it would not be obstructive to the natural perspectives of the actual architecture of the house.


The kitchen is an elevated see-through area overlooking the garden and pool with a tulip table set floating in the middle.


The furniture was selected in France, Cyprus and the U.S with a few accent pieces defining the house


The Voliere lamp by Mathieu Challieres and the Hans Wegner cowhide shell chair are the center pieces of the double floor living room.  All other pieces in that room were selected to blend around them.  The Forma sofa designed by Italian designer Claudio Bellini for Natuzzi serves as background for this poetic lamp, while the Beni Ouarain Morrocan rug add graphicness to this iconic chair.



The dining room was furnished with white oak and neolith table and buffet, I designed for Soeld.  These pieces were designed and handmade in Cyprus and add a soft and warm light touch to the concrete floor and walls of this room.


The kids space was a very fun part to work with and I let my inner child zone take over with fluo bold colors and crazy heart sinks. I designed the hanging desk for Soeld.



For the kitchen and the master bathroom, I used seamless Corian in order to emphasize the limitless perspective of this architecture.  This is an extremely strong material that his also limitless in its applications and modeling options.


Let's go for a walk in the garden where I wanted to create a minimal atmosphere with a stripe theme, in harmony with the wood print concrete of the walls.  The white outdoor sofa set is from The Cross Contemporary Store, the anthracite, white and green table set are Fermob for Leroy Merlin and the deck chair fabric from Les Toiles du Soleil.



Photos © Soel Design



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