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Incipit Your Home

Incipit Your Home

While Christmas shopping during the holidays, I discovered the Incipit lab and its poetic arts and crafts of the third millennium. 

Incipit (the beginning in Latin) is a Milan-based creative lab and business whose aim is to nurture young talent, share skills and business acumen, and promote young designers. 

It is a lab conceived as a contemporary workshop, inspired by those of the Italian Renaissance, is a training path where all parties involved work together and collaborate for the success of a project, supporting the designers on all areas related to the design profession 

Just in case you would need an excuse, you should definitely treat your house with one (or more..) of the charming objects these designers created.  Here is a list of my favorite items.

The Bloom steel wire centerpiece designed by Cristina Pettenuzzo is my favorite piece from Incipit.  Bloom recalls an exotic flower opening slowly, lush and delicate.

The Belle cake stand with cloche dome was designed by Ilaria Innocenti. Her aim was to reinterpret the traditional elements of pastry and gelato shops, turning them into domestic objects of contemporary colours and cheerful shapes, with a touch of tradition added through brass.

The Muselet ceramic bowls with handles were also designed by Ilaria Innocenti. It was inspired by the metal cage used to block champagne glasses.

Photos © Incipit Lab


The Barlume glass candle holders were designed by Filippo Castellani. This series was inspired by the most classic and iconic object of Italian tables and osterias.

The incipit objects are available online and for my Cypriot readers, some of the Incipit collection can be found at Fabrica.


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