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Let's Not Table This

Let's Not Table This

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  Let's not table this discussion any further. New Year's Eve is the occasion to turn your table into an art piece.  A nice table setting will definitely enhance the food experience.  I have been looking for ideas for my own dinner table and I decided to go with very soft winterly chilling colors rather than all the gold overdose we have everywhere during the holidays. 

I even added a bit of fun DIY place mats I found on the DesignLoveFest blog. After all, we have a bit more time during the holidays to pamper our home. For instructions on how to recreate these place mats, follow the instructions.

This table setting is minimal with soothing colors, perfect for my kind of holiday mood.  The cutlery is the exact right dosage of gold to make it festive.

Photos © Design Love Fest

I found this next table setting on 100 Layer Cake.  It inspired me a lot for the same reasons.  Chilling charcoal blue and beige grey paired with gold cutlery. A invitation for a very soothing yet elegant dinner.

table setting:

Photo © 100 Layer Cake

My next inspiration is rather more rustic, but the chromed goblet and the carved crystal glasses give it a holiday touch.

Photo @ Room 269

Now this is me and what I did with the above inspirations.  I chose a dark prune color to contrast with the white marble of my table, with a hint of charcoal blue for the decorative pompoms. The plates have a rustic touch softened by the over dye. I am still undecided for the silverware tone.  Should I go for white or for the gold set Santa brought me.  I will most likely go with the gold as it is more festive and it is still like a brand new toy for me

So, white ?

or gold ?

Photos © Soel Design


Oh well, I think I will sleep on it.

Happy New Year to all

Sophie @ Soel d



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