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Cosy A Tout Prix

Cosy A Tout Prix

Homy, homy, homy...this is the second home interview on Soel d and it takes us to Christina's house. To sum it up before we take the tour, it is a feel good home.  You will be surrounded by the warmth and comfort the minute you walk through the door.  Every square centimeter of the space, walls and floors is harmoniously decorated to create the desired coziness.



Despite the open space, the well thought and balanced design offers different atmospheres from Mediterranean to Scandinavian, smoothly blending together. It is all about the right mix of colors, fabrics and accessories. 


 I asked Christina to answer a few questions so that we understand the feelings behind her home.

Name: Christina Matsi-Azaïs

Occupation: Instructor of French as a foreign language

Where do you live? In Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus

How long have you lived there? Since 2003

What inspired you for the architectural design of this house at the time of the construction? The Parisian apartment where we used to live inspired us for the wooden floor and the colors of houses in the south of France were also a source of inspiration for the design of this house.

Can you tell us about your decoration approach for this place? In fact, there are different styles I like and if I could, I would change the decoration of my house every couple of years.  I love to mix and match objects and styles.  I love fabrics and carpets, especially antic kilim rugs.  The priority for me is to create a cosy, comfortable and functional environment.




In 3 words, how would you describe that space? Cosy, mix&match and bohemian

What is your next design project or purchase? I have been looking for some time now for a nice, original large mirror

Your design addresses online or not: for their nice decorative objects and small furniture.

A big deco NO NO !!! I am not a big fan of curtains, especially when they are too short or too long and sweep the floor


Let's take a nice bain de soleil in the garden before we leave...







Thank you Christina for the tour

Soel d




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