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Light My Fire

Light My Fire

Warning! Burning hot content ahead.

I designed this coffee table/fireplace for a living room space that demanded a statement.  I wanted to create an object that was functional but that was also making that requested design statement. This space was made for relaxing with guests, with a glass of wine, so adding the fireplace was kind of like the cherry on top of the cake.



The table is long (180 cm) and narrow (65cm), allowing enough space on each side of the bioethanol burner (60cm) to enjoy a nice glass of Bordeaux without risking it turning into gluhwein.



The choice of materials was a continuation of my previous work for Soel d, with a combination of warm white oak wood and sleek matte Neolith, which fitted perfectly the ambiance created for this room.  Neolith was an aesthetic choice, as well as functional, as it can stand extremely high temperatures and it is very much compatible with the bioethanol burner.





The long and narrow shape of this center piece gives the room a majestic yet warm feel.




Table designed and made in Cyprus for Soel d

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