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In The Mood For Wood

In The Mood For Wood

I am ready for some serious wood talk.  I want it everywhere, on the floor, on the walls and ceilings, absolutely everywhere. 

plywood house:

I think I got my point across ;-) 

More specifically, I want Plywood.  Considered for a long time as a cheap wood option that needed to be hidden and covered by other materials such as paint, it is now going full monty and that makes me happy.  I just can't get enough of the simple and sophisticated aesthetic of plywood.  It conveys the warmth of wood and comes with a neat swirling grain pattern ripe for visual beauty.  Ply definitely gives visual richness to a space.

plywood kitchen:

Plywood is made from pieces of wood that have been bound together. This modern material is excellent for building, interior design and decorating. Plywood is a strong material that was created in the 20th century and got amazing recognition and popularity today. It comes it different quality grades and some of them can even be used for outdoor projects.  The better the grade, the better the pattern and visual rendering of the wood.

Pale wooden unit frames rooms and creates a new floor inside a Berlin micro-apartment:



DIY plywood headboard with built-in bedside shelf:



Love love love how they cut into the ceiling. Would be cool in the bedroom upstairs. #japaneseinterior #interiordesign:



Raw plywood was used to create a maintenance-free interior for this house in Denmark.:



Being also a big concrete fan, I also find the association of it with plywood quite beautiful and unique. 

plywood house:



Plywood sheets laid like huge subway tile plus a kick-ass concrete work sink make for a terrific bathroom. |

Concrete and plywood definitely make a good match, as evidenced by this remodeled flat in Setagaya, Tokyo. Owners (and architects) Naruse Inokuma and Hiroko Karibe kept the structural setup exactly as it was, but rethought both the layout and the cosmetic balance of the entire space.


The walls were stripped back to expose the rough and imperfect concrete shell, revealing at the same time layers of plasterwork

and wallpaper.  The result is like tie dye looking greyish walls with overlapping plywood panels.














Images © Masao Nishikawa


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