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This Is Not A Lamp

This Is Not A Lamp

This truly unusual lamp design has been inspired by surrealist artist Rene Magritte's Empire Of Light. It is indeed a surrealist creation by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti.  By using a hood-like light diffuser, the lamp is able to produce a focused glow that is reminiscent of a street lamp. This kind of light diffusion was popular in Magritte’s mid-century oil painting.

 Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli has designed a lamp with an hexagonal wooden shade that extends over its light bulb like a hood to meet the surface of a table. 

Woodspot by Alessandro Zambelli

 The Woodspot table lamp is an hexagonal pyramid that has had both its top and bottom diagonally sliced off.

Woodspot by Alessandro Zambelli   Woodspot by Alessandro Zambelli

"The emerging beam lightens the solid materiality of the wood and casts a warm and compact pool of light in the surrounding darkness," said Zambelli.

Each lamp is made by hand, and the shade is available in pastel green, pink or white. It is in my opinion, perfect for a girl's bedroom desk.



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