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Falling Shelves

Falling Shelves

"Falling Shelves" is the last piece of the white oak & neolith collection.  Inspired by lightness and equilibrium, they were designed with the desire to be visually appreciated from both sides, so that it can ideally be placed behind a window or in the middle of an open space, acting as a separator. 

It is a vertical equilibrium, giving the impression that it might fall if you were to place something too heavy in the wrong place.  It is of course only an impression, there to give some lightness and imaginative movement.


The falling shelves can also be used horizontally as a console. The console being the result of the vertical lightness falling into the ground.



Designing the falling shelves, I wanted to add a little tiny bit of modularity, by letting the neolith pads free to be positioned and repositioned differently depending on the symmetry of the mood.



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