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Generous Ply Curves

Generous Ply Curves

Ply curves is the latest addition to the Soel d family. It is a unique coffee table entirely made of plywood, with generous curves to give it a sexy and smooth look.


Plywood is a material I particularly enjoy to work with. Considered for a long time as a cheap wood option that needed to be hidden and covered by other materials such as paint, it is now going full monty and that makes me happy.  It is simple, but yet very rich in terms of visual effect and patterns. Its neat swirling grain inspired me for a round edge design in harmony with the natural pattern of the wood. The combination results in a very generously curved and in my opinion very feminine design.  It is an interpretation of natural feminine beauty.

Its hexagonal shape is a reference to my home country France, which is referred to as "The Hexagone" due to its natural shape and also very often compared to a woman for its elegance.

The board of the table was designed to be lower than the top edge of the 3 table side panels in order for the curves to stand out.  Half of the table board remains open, also in order for the rounded edges of the hexagon to be more visible.  This design also offers a much lighter structure, adding on to the feminine side of the table.

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