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Windsor Pop

Windsor Pop

The classic Windsor chair comes back with a kick and pop accents under the WW chair pseudo.  The two Ws in the chair’s name stand for Windsor and Wire, which allude to its form and materials. It’s a hybrid piece, which gives a contemporary twist to a traditional design language.

The legs and seat are inspired by the classic lines of a Windsor chair, with the surface of the seat slightly carved for comfort. Shafts of 5mm powder coating metal wire extend upwards from below the seat. They fan slightly outwards from their point of origin before meeting the wooden backrest. This gives the chair a sculptural quality and sense of lightness. The playful juxtaposition of materials is typical of its designers, the multi-disciplinary design studio Hierve. The wire gives a twist to the original all wood British Windsor classic.

The WW chair was launched last year and quickly became the best selling piece of H furniture

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This year, they decided to give it a pop dimension by adding color options to the chair.  Created in collaboration with Brighton-based branding agency Studio Makgill, the limited edition is available in a selection of six new colour-ways and is a bold experiment in colour, expressing the studio’s adventurous creativity.

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They wanted to explore how color could transform the chair.  Here is what Makgill says about the project development "We wanted to develop a palette of colours that had scope – that could create interesting combinations but that worked well together as a whole (we were imagining all six chairs placed around a dining table). Throughout the process, we kept coming back to the conversation around origins and geography. The Windsor chair (the original inspiration) was originally a British design, Alejandro (H Furniture Co-Founder) is a Mexican living in London and my British and Danish roots and our mutual love of Danish furniture has always been a point of discussion. At the heart of the palette are the four colours from the flags of these three nations.



Graphics by Studio Makgill



Each colour-way has been made in a limited number, so that clients can order several pieces of one single colour-way or a mixed selection between the 6 different options.

The WW chair Colour Series is an exploration of permutation, possibility and perception — an adventure in colour and collaboration that puts Studio Makgill’s distinctive stamp firmly on the WW chair. The final colour set was not an exercise in subtlety, but confirmation that the original form can take such a bold intervention.  And it does...

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It makes me want to mix and match




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