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Terrazzo Pronto

Terrazzo Pronto

It has been back from the 70's for a little while now, but it seems that it is taking over 2017 with force. At M&O last week, quite a few of the leading design editors had terrazzo in display.  In 2016, Eno, the French editor of useful and elegant everyday furniture and objects had already set up the trend with its terrazzo wallpaper collection in white, pink and blue.

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This January, Eno added to its terrazzo collection by introducing six cushions with a terrazzo print.  I have to say that I would not mind having a terrazzo pillow fight at home.

MY TERRAZZA cushion and wallpaper 3- ENOstudio.jpg

Just around the corner from Eno at M&O, you could find Normann Copenhagen's terrazzo coffee table declined in light  blue, grey, green and beige.

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Even the design editor Petite Friture was introducing a new line of wallpapers and cushions,called Minerals by designer Shelley Steer. The line was designed taking inspiration from naturally occurring minerals and rocks. Colour, form and surface markings were interrupted and altered to create a unique surface design. In that print, I see an enlarged terrazzo pattern.



Who is next?  Well, nobody else but the trendy Maison Sarah Lavoine who designed a couple of terrazzo side tables for La Redoute.


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So I think it is fair to say that terrazzo is IT.  Interior designers are also losing it completely with this Italian retro looking material, by going full terrazzo in their projects.  Ley's enjoy the craze, with this little Pinterest tour of my favorite terrazzo looks.

Interior Design Blog. Inspirations to stage your


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Das Beste an einem Leben in Terrazzo ist, dass er sich dem eigenen Geschmack entsprechend gestalten lässt. Außerdem ist Terrazzo ist nicht nur fantastisch funktional, sondern auch mit Fleck noch todschick!:




The Brutalist Playground by Assemble & Simon Terrill | Yellowtrace:


marmoreal | dzek:


Tendance Terrazzo                                                       …:

PIN 9 - This is a unique looking tirrazzo. It is a larger design compared to the usually small speckles of stone. What a playful and bright look it gives to the stairs, specially accompanied by the turquoise hand rails.:


terrazzo showers #design  There are many applications you can use with terrazzo, including this terrazzo shower.

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