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Pure Talents

Pure Talents

After Paris, let's head to Cologne for the IMM show and its design trends. As part of the show, the Pure Talents Contest reveals up and coming young designers. Here are a few of my favorite rising designers' works.

The Cologne furniture fair confirmed my last week's post: Terrazzo is IT.  As part of the Pure Talents Contest, Alberto Bellamoli presented Collecta; a range of objects and furniture pieces that bring a new perspective on the Italian traditional material Terrazzo. The collection is composed by 2 coffee tables, 4 bowls and 4 candles. I think it’s love.

Collecta by Alberto Bellamoli at Pure Talents Contest IMM Cologne 2017 | Yellowtrace


Edge by Roee Magdassi  is a set of two coffee tables, which can be used either outdoor or indoor. The tables are made of powder-coated steel and aluminum and feature a carrying handle, which has both visual and functional values. The half ring shaped handle functions in two manners: making it easy to carry the tables around and when not in use, as an edge, making sure nothing slips off surface.

Edge by Roee Magdassi at Pure Talents Contest IMM Cologne 2017 | Yellowtrace


The Pong lamp by Simon Diener, consisting of a lampshade, a battery and the power cable, is a versatile pendant luminaire. Here, the cable is not simply defined as a power line – instead it primarily serves a mechanical function, as a cord that allows the lamp to be loosely slung over banisters, suspended from beams or anywhere else.

Pong by Simon Diener at Pure Talents Contest IMM Cologne 2017 | Yellowtrace


 Slanted Mirror by Christoph Hauf  is a corner mirror. Its position in the corner of the room shifts the focus to an area that otherwise plays a somewhat marginal role in the home. Thanks to its elongated trapezoidal form, it can sit flush against walls and floor without the need for a frame. By reflecting the room on a diagonal, the mirror allows the space to be seen from a new perspective.

SLANTED MIRROR by Christoph Hauf at Pure Talents Contest IMM Cologne 2017 | Yellowtrace


The Colour of Hair by Martijn Rigters & Fabio Hendry is a collaborative project between Dutch designer Martijn Rigters and Swiss designer Fabio Hendry. The tables display their innovative process of transforming abundant human hair into a sustainable and resistant ink. By carbonizing the keratin from the hair into hardened aluminum, the duo has developed multiple unique patterns for a range of artifacts, as well as applied their printing wonders to floor and wall tiles.



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