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Neolith Story

Neolith Story

Soel d and Neolith is a love story that gave birth to several unique furniture pieces with a bright accent.  Neolith is a porcelain material entirely made up of natural materials like clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides. It is very often used on kitchen counters, floors and walls, but more rarely used on furniture pieces. I first saw Neolith as I was looking for some thin white marble slabs at Ellinas & Solomonides. Neolith became a natural choice over marble as it offers strength and lightness as well as a beautiful pure and smooth finish. It comes in very thin slabs, as thin as 3 mm and offers endless design possibilities.



For the table, I used a 12mm slab, giving this rather large structure an impression of lightness.  The Neolith top of the table provides a very strong and durable surface, allowing guests not to be afraid of wine and oil stains.  Neolith is not porous at all and stains of any kind will be cleaned very easily. The Neolith feeling is extremely soft and pleasing as well as much warmer than marble.




The buffet is part of the same line as the table and uses the same materials with inversed proportions.  Neolith act as an aesthetic detail adding brightness and originality to the overall structure.




Light My Fire is an hybrid coffee table that also acts as a fire place.  In that case  Neolith was an aesthetic choice, as well as functional, as it can stand extremely high temperatures and it is very much compatible with the bioethanol burner.


Light My Fire



Falling Shelves use Neolith as an aesthetic accent, reminder of the Light My Fire coffee table.



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