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Sunny Or In The Fog ?

Sunny Or In The Fog ?

Weather rendered through optical illusion thanks to the genius of Ukrainian product designer Dmitry Kozinenko. Most of Dmitry's work uses mind blowing optical illusions to create minimal design pieces of furniture that you wish you could get in all declinations.

Sunny is a line of shelves and small side or coffee tables that uses metal work and patterns to recreate the shades of the objects when in the sun.  The result will make you grab your shades.




In The Fog is in my opinion even more fantastic in term of optical illusions as Mr. Kozinenko manages to create a foggy impresion as well as a color shading effect by just perforating metal sheets with various diameters.








Field is a flat linear looking object from the front, making it look like objects are hanging in the air, not sitting on anything.  That's the magic of these shelves. If you move to the side of the shelves, you will see that the metal lines are in fact bent to create the actual shelf support.





Images © Behance

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