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La Pura Vida

La Pura Vida

La Pura Vida, chalet nestled in the little village of Essert Romand, in the French Alps deserves its name, as it is exactly all about spending relaxing, soothing time in an outstanding natural environment and a divine, design alpine décor.  I recently visited the chalet with my family for a skiing vacation and our stay at la Pura Vida truly enhanced our vacation.  I fell in love with the décor and the atmosphere that the owner Julie managed to create while renovating this family chalet. It was delightful to go back to Julie's place in the evening after a full day on the slopes.


There is a true sense of being in an alpine environment with a design touch.  The local mountain wood and stone materials used in this renovation project, are associated with incredibly modern designs that make the chalet so interesting.

Pura Vida stretches across 4 large floors. The living/dining area is open plan with a cosy corner log fire. Balconies surround the chalet, to step out and soak up the breathtaking panoramic views.

I asked Julie if she would be willing to do the Soel d interview and take us through the renovation process. 



Name: Julie Voiron

Occupation: Managing a B&B chalet in the French Alps (Haute Savoie)

Where do you live? I live in Essert-Romand, French Alps

Chalet Pura Vida, Essert-Romand, Dining


What inspired you? The chalet itself inspired me.  Undertaking a renovation project can be difficult, but the output is unique.  I have been living in this chalet since I was a kid, so I think it definitely helped in my vision of where I wanted to take it.  I was also of course inspired by the outstanding and beautiful mountain environment where I live. So I would say that the love I feel for my home and the surrounding nature, were my key sources of inspiration

Chalet Pura Vida, Essert-Romand, Comfort Double or Twin Room, Private Bathroom, Mountain View, Guestroom


Chalet Pura Vida, Essert-Romand, Comfort Double or Twin Room, Ensuite, Mountain View, Guestroom


Chalet Pura Vida, Essert-Romand, Comfort Suite, Private Bathroom, Mountain View, Guestroom


Chalet Pura Vida, Essert-Romand, Comfort Double or Twin Room, Private Bathroom, Mountain View, Bathroom

What was your decoration approach? I wanted to include old wood and stones for the interior.  I really love wood and its beautiful scent.  So I mixed these two materials in such a way that it would not be too much and create a suffocating atmosphere as they are both very rich in terms of texture. For the actual furniture, I bought pieces that I liked and had a good feeling about.

In 3 1/2 words, how would you describe that space? Warm, welcoming and natural

What is your next design project or purchase? We would like to purchase the other side of the house, which is an old barn and renovate it for ourselves.

Your design addresses online or not: Dialma Brown, Dutchbone, Westwing Home

A big deco NO NO!!!  I really don't like the kind of decoration that you find in everybody's home.  For example, Ikea, Fly and Maison du Monde presentations that lead to everybody having the same interior.

Thank you Julie

Julie's chalet is just perfect for a cosy winter and summer vacation in style.  Contact Julie at

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