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Fifty Shades Of Black

Fifty Shades Of Black

This is yours for 500,000 Euros, all inclusive.  This is how it works in 5 steps:

1- Your provide the land

2- VIPP starts a 6 month production process

3- VIPP transports, delivers and installs

4- VIPP supplies the interior

5- You grab your week-end bag and escape

Vipp, the famous steel manufacturer and designer of objects for the home, has made a plug and play getaway that gives you an escape from busy city life in the form of a 55m2 all-inclusive retreat. A simple steel grid structurally supports the two level space, where only the bathroom and bed loft is shielded from the main living space. Large windows on both sides and in the ceiling lets nature take center stage. The shelter is a finished product inspired by large volume objects such as planes, ferries and submarines, where every single screw serves a purpose.


Specs & Floor Plan

Let's take a tour of this "glamping" concept

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The hooks, the ladder, kitchen, the daybed, the lamps, the shelves, the towels, the toilet brush…and the list continues.

Everything you see is Vipp. And it is all inclusive. The Vipp shelter is delivered fully equipped for a complete design experience and an easy escape. There is no evident link between a pedal bin, a kitchen, and a shelter, but enter the shelter and the philosophy of one, long-lasting, functional tool per category is embodied in every item you see.






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