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Under The Soel Tree

Under The Soel Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and Soel Design has compiled a little Christmas design market for your loved ones.  Come on in and check out some Christmas gift ideas @

                                      Get Out Dog Lamp   € 95.00

Get Out dog lamp by Eno Studio 

            Ondin Vase Medium   € 65.50


Ondin Vases by Eno Studio

                                           Factory - Three Candle Stick   €30.00

Factory Candles by Eno Studio

Diatrita Platter Medium  € 52.00

Diatrita Platters by Christina Skouloudi

Meleesses Foldable Fruit Bowl Large       € 27.00

Meleesses Foldable Platters by Christina Skouloudi


For more ideas, check out our catalog @



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