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Sunny Or In The Fog ?
Weather rendered through optical illusion thanks to the genius of Ukrainian product designer Dmitry Kozinenko. Most of D...

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Birch It Up
When I think birch, I think about North American craftwood and I also think about a little log cabin by the lake, b...

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Paper Show
Just to please your eyes this morning, I am sharing with you a few beautiful images and a video of paper designs by Arti...

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Pure Talents
After Paris, let's head to Cologne for the IMM show and its design trends. As part of the show, the Pure Talents Con...

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Windsor Pop
The classic Windsor chair comes back with a kick and pop accents under the WW chair pseudo.  The two Ws in the chai...

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This Is Not A Lamp
This truly unusual lamp design has been inspired by surrealist artist Rene Magritte's Empire Of Light. It is indeed...

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Mind The Crochet Gap
If I say crochet, you think hobby, vintage, classic etc.....Well, here we are talking about high craft with a lot of the...

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Prostoria Story
Working on a new interior design project, I run into Prostoria sofas and I stopped there for a while thinking that there...

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Incipit Your Home
While Christmas shopping during the holidays, I discovered the Incipit lab and its poetic arts and crafts of the third m...

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Nordic Poetry
Nordic European countries definitely have the design vibe.  My latest encounter is with Vera & Kyte,...
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