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Design Pics

We want some colors to brighten up that Monday morning!  The work of photographer Julie Ansiau will do just that. S...

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Chez Marie Sixtine

I have an enormous crush on this home which turns out not to really be a home since no one lives there.  I can so&n...

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Design In Altitude

It is time to hit the slopes with interior designer Angelique Buisson who specializes in chalet interiors in the French...

Unbearable Lightness

First intuitions are always the best. This is so true when it comes to the story behind my table.  I gave it the na...

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It is so culturally influenced, that I knew right away this was Italian work.  I saw the colors and I saw the relie...

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O Colonel, My Colonel

Feeling a bit dull on this February morning? I got the right prescription for you.  The Colonel creations are like...

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Cosy A Tout Prix

Homy, homy, homy...this is the second home interview on Soel d and it takes us to Christina's house. To sum it up be...

Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016

Soel d was born in 2015 and so it makes it a super special year ! It was 12 intense months filled with challenges, excit...

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Let's Not Table This

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  Let's not table this discussion any further. New Year's Eve is the occasio...

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Incipit Your Home

While Christmas shopping during the holidays, I discovered the Incipit lab and its poetic arts and crafts of the third m...
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