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Soel D Concept Store/Home

Come on in and make yourself at home. Soel D is opening the first design concept store/home in Cyprus.  T...

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La Pura Vida

La Pura Vida, chalet nestled in the little village of Essert Romand, in the French Alps deserves its name, as it is exac...

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Birch It Up

When I think birch, I think about North American craftwood and I also think about a little log cabin by the lake, b...

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Paper Show

Just to please your eyes this morning, I am sharing with you a few beautiful images and a video of paper designs by Arti...

Falling Shelves

"Falling Shelves" is the last piece of the white oak & neolith collection.  Inspired by lightness and...

Unbearable Lightness

First intuitions are always the best. This is so true when it comes to the story behind my table.  I gave it the na...

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Droog Hotel Or Not Hotel

Heading to Amsterdam in a couple of days, my design radar is on extremely high alert.  This is dreamland for a desi...

Light My Fire

Warning! Burning hot content ahead. I designed this coffee table/fireplace for a living room space that demanded a state...

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O Colonel, My Colonel

Feeling a bit dull on this February morning? I got the right prescription for you.  The Colonel creations are like...

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Prostoria Story

Working on a new interior design project, I run into Prostoria sofas and I stopped there for a while thinking that there...
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