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Windsor Pop

The classic Windsor chair comes back with a kick and pop accents under the WW chair pseudo.  The two Ws in the chai...

Unbearable Lightness

First intuitions are always the best. This is so true when it comes to the story behind my table.  I gave it the na...

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Prostoria Story

Working on a new interior design project, I run into Prostoria sofas and I stopped there for a while thinking that there...

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Incipit Your Home

While Christmas shopping during the holidays, I discovered the Incipit lab and its poetic arts and crafts of the third m...

Perfect Equilibrium

The "Perfect Equilibrium Buffet" is the second piece from My Home collection.  I wanted the objects in th...

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Dream Hotel

The Dream hotel is indeed a dream for design lovers.  Located in the meatpacking district of NYC, it shines un...
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