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In The Mood For Wood

I am ready for some serious wood talk.  I want it everywhere, on the floor, on the walls and ceilings, absolutely e...

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It is so culturally influenced, that I knew right away this was Italian work.  I saw the colors and I saw the relie...

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Cosy A Tout Prix

Homy, homy, homy...this is the second home interview on Soel d and it takes us to Christina's house. To sum it up be...

Bye Bye 2015, Hello 2016

Soel d was born in 2015 and so it makes it a super special year ! It was 12 intense months filled with challenges, excit...

The Split House

The split house project was all about visibility. The key elements of this Cyprus residence are concrete and glass,...

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UdA Architetti ! I fell in love with their work. It cannot be compared to any other interior designer or architect...
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