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Diatrita Platter Medium € 40.00

Diatrita Platter Medium  € 40.00

“Diatrita” is made of perforated sheet steel.

A series of “happy” tableware made with this amazing greek technique still in use for making ecclesiastical oil lamps.

The beauty is produced by pulling the perforated sheet steel around a mold. The distortion of the holes is achieved by stretching the steel.

Such a common material, what an unusual optical effect, a colourful and happy gesture on your table! Enjoy!

Can be easily and safely  used under water in order to wash fruits or else.

“Diatrita” metal plates because of their anti-rust powder coating finish can be also placed in outdoor areas like balconies , verandas, kiosks or gardens for as long as you like!

Powder Coated in Grey and Turquoise

Dimension: 39 cm diameter

Price: € 40.00

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